Hydraulic Restoration and Rebuilding for Industrial Applications

Newton Manufacturing’s Certified Fluid Power Engineers are trained and equipped to provide expertise on Industrial Hydraulics. Newton Manufacturing specializes in the repair and service of : Hydraulic pumps, motors, pneumatic air and hydraulic cylinders. We meet leading manufacturers specifications and quality standards based upon our stringent testing procedures and capabilities. Our professionals provide quick turn arounds to ensure the equipment is back and running with the least amount of downtime as possible.

Newton Manufacturing has 60 years of experience in automotive industrial testing and service. We provide service to Ford, GM, and FCA. The professionals at Newton Manufacturing are continuously trained and certified on the latest industry standards, which allows them to maintain the level of excellence in parts, repair, and service that our reputation has been built on.


60 Years of Experience in Automotive Industrial Testing and Service.

Test Equipment

The ability to troubleshoot and diagnose concerns with hydraulic equipment is necessary to avoid catastrophic failure. Testing of internal pressure, fluid flow, temperature, and torque are key areas of concern when it comes to hydraulic equipment performance. Newton Manufacturing’s engineers are able to diagnose all of your Hydraulic equipment needs. All equipment is tested prior to shipment. The requirements of testing hydraulic components are becoming increasingly complex. Newton Manufacturing’s facility provides a PLC controlled and monitored environment to conduct all of your hydraulic and electrical motor testing needs. Testing will provide insight into the following benefits: reduction of system noise levels, ambient heat load, pressure line fluctuations, monitoring electric motor starting currents and more.

Sound Enclosures

Noises are present while industrial machines are operating. Newton has the capability of building sound enclosures and make certified sound studies with NIST calibrated equipment to National Machine Tool Builders Association requirements.


The Most Advanced Product Lines for Your Applications.

Hydro-Static Drives

Powered by a standard engine, the hydro-static pump uses pressurized oil to move pistons in the hydro-static system. The movement of the pistons transfers power to the engine which results in power to accomplish the task of the equipment.

Clamping Systems

Depending on your application, Newton Manufacturing can provide you with the right clamping system to meet your needs. The single cylinder system design provides the customer ease of use by clamping and unclamping. Hydraulic clamping benefits include: reduced set up time, clamping consistency, improved part quality and improved productivity.


The purpose of a manifold is to regulate fluid flow between pumps, actuators and other components within a hydraulic system. There are two types of hydraulic manifolds: a mono-block design and a modular block design. Some things to keep in mind when choosing a manifold are the following: 1) type of fluid used, 2) seal material, 3)duty cycle, 4) maximum and working pressure, 5) size of ports and 6) type of and number of valves.